The Press says:

"Hughes has an incredible voice and knows how to use it ...
a stunning vocalist with a great sense of wit, Annie Hughes does one of the best shows in town."
~The New York Post

"I ran out of adjectives years ago trying to describe her show-stopping coloratura work and the sheer beauty of her voice...arguably one of today's finest voices in cabaret - She could probably sing the telephone book in Gregorian chant and get away with it."
~John Hoglund, Back Stage

"Annie Hughes is a contemporary songwriter's dream...With her strong and beautiful soprano voice, she can be touching or very funny and manages satiric numbers like a charm."
~Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

"She creates comic thrills with her trills."

"Long known in cabaret circles as an excellent singer,
Hughes has a gift for comedy.
It was nice to see her back on stage where she belongs."
~Show Business

"An imposing blonde who knows how to have fun -
lots of laughs promised."
~The Village Voice

"I especially enjoyed seeing Annie Hughes back where she belongs - behind a mike in a cabaret room. Once again, Annie proved that she still has some of the best vocals in cabaret."
~Cabaret Hotline

"A voice, beauty, sense of humor and personality all rolled into one person. Her voice is like an angel dancing over the tip of her tongue."

"Some of the songs were very funny, some were dramatic and striking, some were emotionally affecting, and some were bravura pieces.
Hughes was consistent, though: wonderful."
~Roy Sander, Back Stage

"Award-winning soprano Annie Hughes offers vocal trills and thrills in her new show, "In My Life"...madcap musical comedy.
She hits high E-asily"
~Wayman Wong, The Daily News

"A piece of special material that Hughes wrote with Wayne Abarvanel,"Monday in the Dark at the Audition from Hell"
[aka "Dear Mr. Sondheim"], was especially impressive in its execution since it is more difficult than the Sondheim tongue-twisters it parodies.
Hughes has a gift for comedy."
~David Hurst, Showbusiness Online

"A talent that can only be described as terrific - Don't miss her."